Introduction to BPM

What is Business Process Management (BPM)?

A Management Approach to continuously improve business processes and conforming to Strategic Business Initiatives such as:

       improving product quality

       reducing time-to-market

       expanding to new markets

       raising customer satisfaction

       increasing profit margins

       Involves real decision makers

       Aligns Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each process

       Allows for visibility and control of business processes through operations and technology


Top Expectations of BPM – Management Side (Informal Survey)

  1. Creation of a single application for internal operations, customers and vendors
  2. Processes align with strategy
  3. Important processes are selected
  4. Greater transparency into process effectiveness
  5. Make doing business with us EASY
  6. Increase Process Efficiency
  7. Provide Flexibility for changes
  8. Integration of IT systems across business units and product areas

 Top Expectations of BPM – User Side (Informal Survey)

  1. Reduce total number of systems
  2. Reduce the use of Excel specifically
  3. Eliminate manual duplication of data
  4. Automate activities
  5. KPIs are measurable
  6. New / better reporting for processes
  7. One place for my work
  8. Simplification of my work

 BPM Approach Example


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K-TV is the leading German-speaking non-Profit catholic TV station in Europe, with more than 5 Million EUR received donations each year.

The operations of a German Non-Profit TV station are incredibly complex; the objective of the solution WIB developed was to automate as many process steps as possible and increase the service provided for the donors. The system was built to also ensure that important touchpoints such as creating tasks to thank donors personally and documenting additional information about each contact with donors.

The video production system of the TV station was also automated starting with the film recording (including project management), the planning of the program for the next month and generating a monthly TV program guide distributed by regular mail to more than 60 000 recipients.

The case management system needed to be extraordinarily reliable and robust to meet all the requirements of the European Tax regulations for tax-exempt organizations.  

Count + Care

Count+Care is a shared service provider for several diverse power supply companies in Germany. The project was to develop a Case-Management solution for 400 customer service case workers. The solution including incoming inquiries by phone, fax, email or letter, which were distributed by the system to the caseworkers. Annually the system processed more than 6 million cases per year.

The main objective was to empower the caseworker to close the case as early as possible and avoid the routing of cases to other persons as much as possible. The system was developed by a model driven development approach that allows non-programmers to understand the program code in order to apply changes fast and cost effectively.

Arvato Bertelsmann

Arvato is a business process-outsourcing provider with a 4.662 EUR billion revenue, more than 70 000 employees worldwide, and more than 150 million served customers in 30 languages.

WIB developed a case management solution to process scanned documents for insurance claims. The incoming documents were processed by OCR text recognition and then routed by a set of rules to different case workers. The system was capable of processing more than a million cases every year.

The main objective was to have a very flexible solution to adjust the processes to several different insurance companies, using Arvato’s outsourcing services.

Outsourced Added Value

With innovative and professional methods & tools, WIB engages with customers with an eye on results, instead of good intentions. This is part of the WIB mindset to guarantee the delivery faster with the highest standards of quality.


Your organization’s underlying technology infrastructure, development teams and some IT or business functions may not always be your most important focus. At WIB, we can help your organization focus on what is truly critical.  We offer customized solutions to assume the business and technology functions so that you can focus instead on your core missions.

By offering Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), managed services, outsourcing, or staff augmentation we become a partner in your success. We offer flexible solutions that manage the most complex environments efficiently, safely and securely and every engagement includes a free review of how our Rapid Composite tool can help simplify your application environment. This helps us keep our costs low and our service at their highest possible level.

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Working @ WIB

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