Introduction to BPM

What is Business Process Management (BPM)?

A Management Approach to continuously improve business processes and conforming to Strategic Business Initiatives such as:

       improving product quality

       reducing time-to-market

       expanding to new markets

       raising customer satisfaction

       increasing profit margins

       Involves real decision makers

       Aligns Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each process

       Allows for visibility and control of business processes through operations and technology


Top Expectations of BPM – Management Side (Informal Survey)

  1. Creation of a single application for internal operations, customers and vendors
  2. Processes align with strategy
  3. Important processes are selected
  4. Greater transparency into process effectiveness
  5. Make doing business with us EASY
  6. Increase Process Efficiency
  7. Provide Flexibility for changes
  8. Integration of IT systems across business units and product areas

 Top Expectations of BPM – User Side (Informal Survey)

  1. Reduce total number of systems
  2. Reduce the use of Excel specifically
  3. Eliminate manual duplication of data
  4. Automate activities
  5. KPIs are measurable
  6. New / better reporting for processes
  7. One place for my work
  8. Simplification of my work

 BPM Approach Example


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